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Bliss Haven Retreat was brought into existence by the owners in 2008, who have been committed to making people enjoy life to its fullest and be in a state of bliss at all times. Since its inception, it has been a nurturing haven of fun, laughter, peace, positivity to myriads of groups and individuals. Thousands have  benefited from all kinds of educational programs leadership workshops, healing workshops, alternative remedies sessions, spiritual/emotional counselling, wholesome food training. In addition Bliss Haven has been home to large weddings and programs on wellness, detox, vegan and nutritious meal preparations, personal growth seminars self-upliftment seminars.

The special care and love offered in many ways from the moment one enters, makes the stay a memorable one. 

The mansion was built by Lachlan McCallum, a Senator, and completed in 1872.  The building has Ontario Gothic Loyalist design and is grand in every way featuring triple yellow brick walls, stone foundation, 12-foot high tin ceilings, etc He came from Scotland and owned about 1500 hectares of land employing hundreds of people in his philanthropic community and business ventures like ship building, farming, logging, cheese factories, schools, guest houses, etc. The use of Bliss Haven coincides with the spirit/vision of the Senator who originally built it and provided an service in various ways.

Hon. Lachlan McCallum was of Scottish birth, having been born in the Island of Three, Argyllshire, March 15, 823. When nineteen years of age he came to Canada and engaged in the shipbuilding trade, becoming a large contractor and ship owner. He entered municipal politics, and was elected reeve of the united townships of Sherbrooke and Moulton. Later he was elected as a Conservative to the House of Commons, in 1867 and continued his political career when in 1877, he was appointed to the Senate.

Senator McCallum, besides his political and commercial pursuits, was connected with the militia, having, as captain of the Dunnville Naval company, seen service at Fort Erie at the time of the Fenian Raid.

He was, in 1854, married to Priscilla Dawson Thewlis and had 8 kids.

McCallum was the founder and Naval Captain (Colonel) of the Dunnville Naval Brigade 1861-1866.

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