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Bliss Haven Retreat is the perfect place to relax or be active. 

It is in the town of Dunnville which is at the delta where the Grand River flows into Lake Erie.  The captivating charm of the flora and fauna owes its uniqueness to it being the only pocket of the Carolinian forest left in Canada.  The Grand’s varied resources, its historic and cultural value as a river system are recognized nationally and internationally with its designation as a Canadian Heritage River. Enjoy captivating views while Kayaking /Canoeing in it. Visitors would enjoy the picturesque scenic beauty of both the river and the lake which are blocks away from the property and are a favorite of golfers, hikers, cyclists, campers, bird watchers, boaters, photographers, artists and sightseers. Lake Erie’s beautiful shoreline offers countless opportunities such as boating, windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, swimming - or just relaxing and soaking up the sun on the beach.  The Rock Point Provincial Park is also a few blocks away and is visited each September by throngs of monarch butterflies on their migratory path to Mexico.  Migrating birds (up to 260 species) travel through the park throughout.   


The city offers small town charm and friendliness. The Agricultural component offers beautiful country vistas where fresh produce can be bought at one of the many farm and roadside markets.  Pick your own fruit or vegetables at nearby farms and visit Amish Bakeries. The festivals, fairs and events, friendly shops and restaurants, antique stores, the rich heritage and culture of the County in numerous museums and historical attractions further enhance to the charm. For activities held here for different months please refer to the following sites.


Activities  Near by

Haldimand Tourism

Rock Point Provincial Park

Kayaking and Canoeing on Grand River

Blue Berry Knoll Farm

Horseplay Niagra

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