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Bliss Haven Retreat Center which came into existence in 2008 and continues making a difference in every possible way, has been a result of the hard work by the owners who lived their lives making people enjoy life to its fullest and be in a state of bliss at all times. Our involvement with creating fun filled, baggage shedding, meaningful, opportunities/spaces that bring community together and adds to the quality of life has been very close to our hearts. The very love, care, nurture, freedom, peace and a feeling of home away from home for recharging/healing that we dreamed of for ourselves to getaway to when life’s demands felt unbearable but were not successful in finding such a place where people came first and business second, ended up in our creating a space for others to enjoy (a cosmic joke, but which also taught us that it is in giving that very thing which we need the most leads to even more gratification).  The minute we laid our eyes on the property which is today called Bliss Haven Retreat, it took our breath away, we knew that many could come and benefit from the serenity and grandeur offered by nature both within and without.  One can wander through mature trees and open meadows or walk to Lake Erie and the Grand River and experience the feeling of relaxation and oneness with nature.


Since its inception, Bliss Haven Retreat has been a nurturing haven of fun, laughter, peace, positivity to myriads of groups and individuals. Thousands have benefited from all kinds of educational programs leadership workshops, healing workshops, alternative remedies, , spiritual/emotional counselling, wholesome food training. In addition Bliss Haven has been home to large weddings/events and programs on wellness, detox, vegan and nutritious meal preparations, personal growth and self-upliftment seminars.

The special care and love offered in many ways from the moment one enters, makes the stay a memorable one. 

Come and experience our hospitality for yourself.



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