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Make your wedding a memorable one at the beautiful and historic mansion which offers two halls (3200 sq ft  and 1000 sq ft) for indoor events.  Weddings can also be planned in the open on beautiful manicured lawns with or without tents.  Have your overnight guests stay at Bliss haven.  You can have Bliss Haven arrange decor and meals as per your instructions or bring your own wedding planners and/Caterers  to rent the venue only


We have multiple chefs for big events and special occasions that prepare on site in our commercial kitchens.  We also cater specialized cuisines or a mix and match of Continental, Canadian, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Asian fusion, Indian, Middle Eastern, Thai, Mexican.


Bliss Haven Retreat has its own award winning photographers, decorators, cake artists, DJ and servers


Please see a sample of our large special event/wedding menus for you to pick and choose from or substitute



Fruit platters

Assorted sandwiches

Nachos, chips and raw vegetables with dips like hummus, salsa, Greek yogurt & artichoke, baba ganoosh, guacamole,

spring rolls

Vegetable/chicken cutlets 

Main Course/Dinner:


Roasted Chicken/chicken souflaki/Chicken Parmesan 

Roast Beef With Gravy/beef kabobs/pork kabobs

Vegetable chowmein/vegetable or plain Basmati rice

Oven Roasted Potatoes with Italian and Greek herbs

Green Beans or choice of Vegetables/mixed roasted vegetables

Tossed Salad with  baby greens, crushed nuts, fruit, seeds and Blisshaven special dressings

Cold pasta salad with diced vegetables



Assorted Pastries

Assorted ice creams

Fruit custard

Cake to order 


Tea, coffee, juice, pop extra charges for wine and alcoholic beverages

Please contact us for rates and further information

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