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Driving directions from Toronto ON

BEST directions INCLUDING LANDMARKS for a scenic and  EASY drive

From Toronto

1. Take QEW going towards Niagara.
2. After the skyway bridge you will pass Woodward Avenue, Burlington Street and Red Hill Parkway.
3. Take Centennial Parkway exit (exit number 88).
4. Take the right at the ramp, i.e. go south (please do not go straight or left at the end of the ramp) soon you will pass by Home Depot on your left
5. You will go through a number of lights and up a hill, go past RYMAL Road, the name changes and Centennial Parkway is now called Hwy. 56 (from the exit to Rymal is 8kms).
6. Keep going straight-you will pass a yellow flashing light at an intersection and then you will pass a red flashing light at another intersection with a gas station to your right (fom Rymal till this gas station is 24 kms.)
7. Keep going straight and the same road changes name and is called HWY/RR 32.
8. Keep going straight till you hit a T-section for another 6kms.
9. Make a left at the T (the road is called Haldimand 17 becoming Main Street or road 3 which becomes North Shore Drive)
10. Always keep to the right side of the road while going stright and after driving for 19 kms and look for a stand alone blue sign (Note: there is a Canal Bank Road that ends at around 940 and goes to the left, don't take that one but the one that goes to the right after passing 1370 on North Shore Drive). There is a no exit sign and the street is called Canal Bank Road.
It is the first big house on your right.

Driving directions from Niagara Falls
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